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Hey there. Name's Yuj. I have an uncanny sense of style and a way with cats. What else is there to say? I'm also a junior member of NORA with my buddies Snow and Gadot. Don't mind them they can be a little up tight, Yanno? I don't let many people let on but, I'm sort of a sucker for someone in distress. I have these calming instincts with me.

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Reminder that the concept art for Epic Mickey was some of the most metal things ever

((I kinda think this would have worked better as a movie instead of a game.

Don’t get me wrong, the game is good,

but MAN!

Look at this!))

ooc: No gonna lie, i’m probably going to delete this blog at some point during the holidays.

ooc: Only in college will a teacher offer you Crystal Meth.

In other news I am back for now and I have a half hour ‘till my photoshop exam. Anyone interested in one liners?


"Someday I’ll find you with open arms." [x]

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Are you back on here!?!??


sort of?


friend edited a picture of me :-)

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